Andrew Glassner’s Notebook

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Andrew Glassner’s Notebook
Author: Andrew Glassner
Pages: 304
Published: 1999

During periods in which I need to stay focused in hard technical problems I try to avoid reading dense books because they distract me from my work. I found this book in my bookshelf, in the stack of unread books :) , and decided to skim it a little bit. “This book is about having fun with computer graphics”, that’s the beginning of this book written by Andrew Glassner (editor of the mythical The Graphics Gems series, when the gem series were not a virus, and the classic Principles of Digital Image Synthesis among others). As soon as I started to read the first chapter I couldn’t stop.

I was expecting to find a book very similar to the Jim Blinn series, the Jim Blinn’s Corner. And although the structure and the origin is the same, a compilation of articles published by Glassner in a column of the bimonthly magazine IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, this book is radically different to other books about graphics and mathematics. No formulas, no algorithms, no code in this book. Instead, you will learn about origami and the platonic solids and the teapotahedrom, how to organize the LCD segments of a digital display, the phenomenon of moiré patterns, designing tiles that are aperiodic (I didn’t know it was possible) or even how to layout box designs in a single piece of cardboard. After reading this chapter, the next time you unpack a box from Amazon you will pay attention to those little details that usually pass unnoticed.

Apart from the old revised chapters you can find columns that were never published too. Disparate topics, but all of them related to graphics and 3D in some sense. The visual quality of the book is excellent with all the pages in full color and the style of the author is even better. Andrew Glassner is among the best writers in the Computer Graphics field.

I give my full recommendation to this book. Andrew Glassner’s Notebook will appeal to both novice readers and experienced mathematicians.

Rating: 8 / 10

  1. You want to buy more books and you still haven’t finished the ones you already have…

    Why is it not in your “Books I’m reading” list? :P

    Comment by Zalo
    March 9, 2009 @ 10:37 #

  2. gerardo hernandez vazquez

    Comment by lo envia gerardo hernandez
    October 27, 2009 @ 0:58 #

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